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Monday, November 21, 2005

Tagging friends to a Smart List

I had hoped that I could write about philosophy on a regular basis. But, it seems that the frequency of this sort of inspiration is not nearly high enough. Rather, I'm coming more into the mainstream of blogging, with the realization that it's more about keeping in touch with your personal network.

And, in a sense, in the same way that you might change to match the people you spend time with, I should also try to post things that someone might want to read. So, with that, here is something nice I've figured out.

I sent a suggestion to Apple that they introduce tagging in Address Book, so that I could tag a person with something like "Geek" or "Politico". The power of this is to create a "Smart Group" - a mailing list that represents a real-time search for people with a certain tag. Then, when you want to send something to a few of your contacts, you can use the smart group to make sure you didn't forget anyone who might care about this topic. And you stay better in touch with some of your fringe contacts. (Also a good idea not to call them that.)

Today I realized there's no need to wait for Apple to make this explicitly supported, because their slick software already lets you do it intuitively and without writing any scripts or software.

In the "Notes" section of each of my contacts, I put a space seperated list of tags. Starting with "Geek", I went through my address book and added that to everyone I thought it applied to.

Then, I created a "Smart Group" with a definition "Note" contains "Geek". Each contact can of course have multiple tags.

Now, when I see something my geek friends would be interested in, I pick that smart group as the recipient of the email. Tada, problem solved.

This is just one in a series of revelations I'm having about smart folders. Maybe this blog can be about revelations? Sure, just ignore the first paragraph.


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