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Why do I love so many things? I'm set on a plan to discover why. It's my favorite kind of philosophy, because I believe the pursuit of understanding such a positive feeling engenders more of the same.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Professional blog

Since I post so frequently (once every four months?), I think I need to start a second blog.

Actually, it's just that computer people need blogs lately as a sort of networking tool. I mean networking in the people-sense, except that in this case we do it online. Like an online-form of networking. And everyone knows that you have to have a different online presence for each role of your life. Which is complicated... I am so overwhelmed all the time.

Also, I'm feeling peer pressure like in the days of LiveJournal to blog more, so maybe I will. Once I have the new one looking ok, I'll divulge where it is.


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