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Monday, February 13, 2006

New aggregated feed

Well I lost my blogger password for a while. That's got to be the lamest excuse for not blogging, and furthermore, there is nothing lamer than starting a blog post by making excuses about the frequency of your posts. So with that covered...

The neat-o thing for today is aggregating your feeds. If you want your friends and family to follow your online life (which you do when your real life is too busy to broadcast), then you have to make it easy for them to get a single source that simply represents YOU. Then you can swap out which sites you blog on that produce feeds, without having to notify anyone. The level of indirection gives you a more permanent feed URL and allows a number of sources to back it.

There are a couple sites that can do this, I think. I use FeedDigest and my new wizzbang personal feed is on there.

Now, I have a name in real life that's firewalled off from this blog, so I can't just give away the new feed URL. That's kind of sad, but the problem is that Web 2.0 isn't terribly consistent with the friends/family only feature. Flickr does this nicely, but a lot of your friends and family are not flickr users, so it is much less useful. Ideally I would like to tag a number of people in my address book with a friend or family tag, and tag each blog post/photo/bookmark/calendar event/personally-identifiable thing, as with Flickr. Then the right thing should happen. But, you'd need a single sign-on (think MS Passport) to identify a person across all Web 2.0 sites, and that sounds like a hard thing to accomplish, even for a third-party site where I could register all my different logins to my social sites.

One other thing I hooked up this weekend is calendar sharing with my girlfriend. Now that we're both using iCal this is pretty easy, I used iCal Exchange to post the two calendars behind a protected login for free. You can pay for .mac to do the same thing. Now we can easily schedule around each other. I think you could do this in other calendaring tools as well but maybe it is too hard. Don't ask me how to do it.